The Nigerian Mvies

The Nigerian Mvies

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Mechanical Bull In Texas Sure Sounds A Great Idea!

By Neil Romero

Ok, here we are again, heading into summer. And this is a great time to plan some awesome parties and company picnics. But maybe it's time to do something different this year. How about adding some action to your event? It's easy to do with the help of a mechanical bull!

Fun is the word best describing summer. If you think mechanical bulls are not safe enough, you are wrong!

In fact, kids as young as five years old can already ride a mechanical bull! Gone are the days when adults are only given the privilege of the ride. Kids can be cowboys overnight! It's actually simulates riding the real thing.

If safety is your concern, then get the right operator that is trained to do the job. You would want someone to monitor your every move and look after your safety as well as ensure an enjoyable ride. Do not get someone who is obliged because he is paid to do it!

When you're looking for a mechanical bull provider, consider these tips:

* Be sure to have a trained attendant in manning the mechanical bull

* Make sure the bull is a multiride unit and not a hydraulic unit. The multiride units are easier to control in terms of safety.

* Your mechanical bull should have a "safety switch". This switch will automatically shut the bull off immediately when the rider falls off. This is another reason not to use a hydraulic bull. Since a hydraulic bull can't stop on demand, many riders get some nice bruises when they get hit by a moving bull after falling off the ride.

* An inflatable mat should be the landing area upon every fall and definitely not just a pile of straw.

* Last but not least....make sure your mechanical bull provider is FULLY insured by a reputable underwriter.

Most mechanical bull riders enjoy competition and they'll keep coming back again and again so make sure you take this into consideration when you're making your party plans. You might want to only allow one ride per person until you make sure everyone has had a chance.

The mechanical bull rental is not just a coincidence. it is part of the whole plan. So, you can actually make a themed party out of the mechanical bull rental to make it more colorful. You can also provide other interactive games to match the theme like the Quick Draw and the Rolling Roper. There are still so much more in store in having a mechanical bull rental!

So, get your imagination going and do something different this year. With a Mechanical Bull, Dallas Parties are sure to be a hit!

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